Little Piggy Mariah

Oink oink oink goes little piggy Mariah. Mistress Indigo has this sexy blonde on her back, ass and pussy up, knees by her head, and legs in another great bondage device. The true challenge for Mariah during this lesbian domination is to keeping oinking, no matter what, if she wants to ultimately cum. Try oinking as your ass, pussy, and thighs are being flogged relentlessly, not to mention your nose and mouth hooked, pulled in different directions. Mistress wants her slave’s ass cheeks to be red like a piggy, so she pulls out a leather slapper and slaps away. She makes Mariah hold the slapper in her mouth and count off the forty spanks to her ass. Our new Mistress loves electro play. If Mariah wants to cum, she has to oink loudly every time our Mistress gives a zap with her mushroom electrode. Finally, Mariah gets what she wants. Our Mistress, strapped with a thick dildo, has her way with her slave’s pussy. As long as Mariah keeps oinking, like a good little piggy, Mistress will let her slave suck her own cum off the dildo.

Tardy Mariah

MISSogyny does not like when a slave shows up late for a session. Mariah Mars, our kinky cutie, will be used as an example to show the consequences of being a few minutes late. Mariah should have known she would not receive a warm welcome. She is given a well deserved spanking, reminded of the law of MISSogyny. Our beloved Mistress has a treat for all, allowing a new Mistress, Mistress Indigo, to take over in placing Mariah in another creative bondage device. Mistress Indigo, a highly experienced Femdom, delivers with a good flogging. She takes some time to see how wide she can spread open Mariah’s pussy with clothespins, getting a crop happy as she sinks her fingers deep inside her slave’s wet hole. Mistress continues with a mix of bamboo beating and random electro shock therapy. Both Mistresses agree Mariah has repented for her tardiness. Waiting close by the entire session, our new Mistress inserts a thick dildo, which is attached to her fucking machine, into Mariah’s gaping pussy. As always, she can only cum when given permission.

Another Lesson Learned

Marie McCray is back. Her next lesson to learn is that MISSogyny and Mistress Indigo hold grudges. They are still annoyed she showed up late the last session. To make matters worse, Marie showed up with marks and bruises, not caused by our Mistresses. They waste no time in placing Marie in a bondage device and mark her ass with the only brand she will serve: MISSOGYNY.COM. MISSogyny leaves Marie in the hands of Mistress Indigo. Right away, Mistress Indigo puts Marie through a vocabulary flogging. For every word she spells wrong, the worse her flogging will be. Mistress sinks her fingers deep inside her slaves pussy, bringing her slave to the verge of cumming. Mistress has more planned for her slave. As a reward, Mistress shoves a thick dildo down her slave’s pussy. To make things a bit more interesting, Mistress straps the dildo to her boot and fucks her slave until she begs to cum. Mistress Indigo surely makes her beg.

Puppy in a Box

When Mistress Indigo wanted a puppy, slave Marie McCray volunteered immediately. Yet, arriving late is not tolerated. When will these girls learn? Marie will today. Mistress punishes her puppy with a good spanking over her knee, making her puppy count off the spanks, each one for each minute she was late. Still perturbed, Mistress places her puppy in a bondage device that takes blindfolding to another level. Her head encased in a steel box, Marie can’t see what our Mistress has coming. She endures a hard flogging, hot candle wax on her bare stomach and thighs, and a drowning splash of water to the face. Our beloved MISSogyny learns that Marie was late, gracing us with her presence to make her annoyance known. Marie better be a good slut puppy or MISSogyny will return. Mistress Indigo gives her slave a balance of pain and pleasure, with a leather crop to her ass and a vibrator shoved against her pussy. She will undoubtedly cum, but she better ask for permission. If not, Mistress Indigo has no problem keeping her puppy in a box.

Misti Dawn Gaged and Tourmented

Misti Dawn is one of those nerdy geek girls popping up everywhere, crossing over between comix/scifi fans and hardcore porn. She has it all…the natural body and quirky smile, sexy librarian glasses and a body covered with sexy old school tattoos. It’s no wonder that she has legions of fanboys (and fangirls) following her on twitter, facebook and tumblr. She recently cut a promo for the Spike TVs video Gaming awards, and she played opposite of Elijah Wood in an internet short called "The Death and Return of Super Man?. There’s no man of steel to save her from the clutches of MISSogyny in this clip however, and the brassy ginger gets spanked without mercy, and then gagged and restrained on a standing position, allowing Mistress to flog her pussy, tits and tummy savagely. MISSogyny toys with her pussy, edging her to orgasm repeatedly and then pulling away, leaving Misti suffering and frustrated, all the while slapping her hard in the face and across the tits for her bratty whining. Device Bondage and nerdy porn girl crossovers do not get better than this one.

Krysta Khaos Is Locked Down + Fisted

Krysta Khaos describes herself as a huge pain slut, which is a little surprising given what a tiny wisp of a girl she is. Perhaps she is overcompensating with her tough chick tattoos and piercings, but when she is locked down in a hard bondage position and she is getting lashed with the cane, she screams like a girl. She sounds exactly like those those Japanese AV idols — the high pitched whining every time she gets a jolt of pain through her body. And Mistress MISSogyny really has a relentless day planned for the waif pain slut. Right off the bat, she gets locked down on the floor, face down, a bar cutting off movement by her feet and neck. MISSogyny canes the soles of her feet and her ass. The punishment continues and we get great views of Krystas pussy as Mistress canes the inside of her thighs until they are almost literally crimson red. Mistress finally relents and allows Krysta some pleasure, fucking her pussy with a dildo and massaging it deep with a vibrator until she is wet and ready to cum. When her pussy is totally dripping, MISSogyny inserts her fist into her tiny hole and pushes it in up to the wrist! Amazing lezdom fisting for such a tiny body.

Tori and Aria Tied Up and Punished

Mistress MISSogyny is extremely fond of playing favorites when she has two girls in her device bondage dungeon, and Tori Lux has subbed for Mistress solo on a number of occasions and she falsely assumed that she might be shown a little mercy as teachers pet in this session with Aria Aspen. And that assumption allowed Mistress MISSogyny an opportunity to toy with Tori even more than usual in the dungeon. The sluts are both led to the chamber and they endure hard corporal punishment — MISSogyny uses her favorite leather strap to punish their asses and give them a hot glistening shine. The girls are then laid out on the exam table and their legs are frog-tied — knees bent, ankles secured to the thigh with a tight leather belt. Then their wrists are chained above their heads and they are gagged. MISSogyny lords over them, whipping their tender helpless pussies, making each of the agonized twats spit out their please of submission and everlasting devotion.

Addicted to Bondage

Sasha Knox is addicted to Mistress MISSogynys deft hand and adptness at erotic Lezdom device punishment. After getting her ass and pussy totally dominated her first time in Mistress,s dungeon, Sashas slave training today is going to focus on nipple Punishment. MISSogyny restrains Sasha arched backwards, her feet trapped underneath her and her perky natural tits pointing up at the ceiling. MISSogyny takes her time teasing her chubby blonde submissive…pinching her tender breast with clothespins, slapping at her pussy, the pain gets incredibly intense and Sasha screams and scream every time a new clamp pinches her body or whenever Mistress lashes her with her leather whip. Missogyny sets up a magic wand right against Sashas tender clit and lets it run until Sasha is nearly overcome with orgasmic sensations. She is about to cum over and over and she keeps screaming every time a clothespin is ripped off her flesh. This Lesbian bondage scene is meant to be savoured.

Punishing Sasha Knox

Sasha Knox loves getting punished and disciplined — according to her, it takes up a lot of her time. Mistress MISSogyny loves meeting new girls who think they are totally down with the pain and submissiveness and then taking it to whole deeper, darker level. This blonde beauty knows right away she is in for a dark experience when Mistress gives her a good slap in the mouth for back-talking before she straps the gag over her blabbering mouth. Mistress MISSogynys focus for the day is on Sashas big round bubble butt. She locks Sasha down on the exam table, on her hands and knees, restraints at her wrists, ankles and waist. This submissive slut is not going to run anywhere. MISSogyny asks Sasha if she considers herself an impact player — does she love getting spanked and whipped. Her reply was not convincing and MISSogyny unleashed hell with her leather flogger on Sashas ass and unprotected pussy. Mistress then gives her blonde bottom a treat and uses her vibrator to draw out several raw, hard orgasms from her trapped little animal. This video is a hot showcase of determined device bondage and lezdom pussy punishment.